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Forbes reveals the top 10 youtubers most richest in the world

1-. Pewdiepie, is the name that tops the list with 12 million dollars annually and shooting videos with a webcam and running commentary with humor, the latest video games that hit the market. 2-. Smosh ranks second this year earned 8.5 million dollars and 30 million subscribers. They are basically a couple of friends who perform skits. 3-. Fine Brothers, sits in third place with $ 8.5 million and 13 million subscribers. It is a young team that launched its own production. So good is their work that were in Nickelodeon. His most popular videos show people of a generation that test objects from another era. Kids React. 4-. Lindsey Stirling, with 6 billion won this year. He is a violinist, is a dancer, and strong are the music videos. He is 29 and lives in California 5-. Rhett & Link, with 4.5 million. Also dedicated to comedy on YouTube. Today they have sponsors like Gillette, Wendy's and Toyota. 6. KSI. his YouTube channel, with 11 million followers, is to comment on games. He also used the success to launch his musical career: the subject of hip-hop "Lamborghini" was ranked 30 in the rankings of UK. 7. Michelle Phan. She is an artistic makeup. In his channel it offers tutorials which teach girls to achieve a similar or different characters celebrities like Barbie look. It has its own line of cosmetics. 8. Lilly Singh. "Superwoman" and is a stand-up comedian. in his videos often treated ethnic themes with humor. In addition, he is a singer and this year made an international tour. 9. Roman Atwood. It is an American comedian who makes jokes with hidden cameras street. It also has an online store that sells clothes and other products 10. Rosanna Pansino. This chef of 30 years, makes teaching tutorials, for example, to make the "perfect" cupcake. He recently published a cookbook.

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