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Former Miss Universe contestants denounce discrimination and abuse in the contest

After the discontent generated statements magnate Donald Trump, this week were new revelations about the Miss Universe. One is of Miss Colombia 2012, Lucia Aldana Roldán, who accuses the Organization of discriminating against competitors; and Canadian former Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova, who said he was ill-treated by the co-owner of the contest, Donald Trump. Roldan said the queens divide into several groups, but one of those groups is going to major events. Aldana also assured that their participation in this international contest, in 2013, was negligible. "From the beginning we were separated into groups and divided us for the events. Always, 20 queens were the most important activities, which are the sponsors, and others we stayed at the hotel and went to very small as conference activities." And when she and several of her colleagues wanted to know why not included in major activities, they answered them "were decisions of the organization." With this experience, Aldana told everything to his successor, who then won the universal scepter. "I asked him was pending of its details and even during the contest chatting online us. She was the winner for her attitude, her beauty and charisma. And it would never surrender the crown of Miss Universe and not really have to do" . "I feel like I never really participated in that, when spent several days there came the interview with the jury and one of the qualifiers told me it was not my resume and had not been told who I was," said Aldana. The former Miss Colombia said this surprised her because she had sent the summary requires the contest with their data, their tastes, their hobbies, and this never appeared. "Then, in five minutes, I had to summarize the five sheets that had the document". Aldana, who was just in charge of handing the crown of Miss Colombia Paulina Vega Dieppa, current Miss Universe, said that when he asked why was not your resume, no one from the organization gave a clear explanation. Abuse by Donald Trump. Aldana words joined the Canadian former Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova, who in their Facebook reported that he was "mistreated" during his year of reign. Glebova, who is now 33, is an entrepreneur, said that the rudeness of Trump for her included "never learned my name and always called me Miss Universe" and spoke ill of the Russians (the queen was born in the Russian population Tuapse, but from very young came to Canada). In addition, the employer always reminded him that he had launched a Russian queen, Oxana Fedorova, in 2002, for not complying with the contract. These words were particularly offensive to Glebova, who, however, remained the crown

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