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ROGER DALTON - "Hell Sounds Like Heaven " (Directors Copy) - dir.Gene Greenwood 

Visit Roger Dalton at http://www.rogerdalton.ca ROGER DALTON - "Hell Sounds Like Heaven" (Official Music Video) - dir.Gene Greenwood Roger Dalton and The Dalton Gang Music Producer: Rob Begg Editor: Gene Greenwood Video Production: Farting Puppy Productions Support the Roger Dalton & The Dalton Gang at www.rogerdalton.ca Shot in in a secret location north of the Equator Special thanks to Patricia Simon, Chris Jeklin, Aurora Morris and "Black Beauty", Joyce Soda and her gun control, and everyone else that showed up and drank my beer and whiskey.

  • Duration: 04:18



roger dalton, gene greenwood, rob begg, patricia simon, chris jeklin, aurora morris, joyce soda