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Silicon Swim Eye Protection for Guys and Female Bathers

http://www.cobotooz.com/swimminggoggles.html The Best Pool Goggles to Keep The Water From Your Eyesight - Zero Fog Layer To Keep Inner Lenses Misting Up. - Robust, Shatterproof Polycarbonate (PC) Lenses. - Glare Resistant, Reflective Exterior Lens Layer With UV Protection. - 180 Degree Range Of Sight. - Hypo Allergenic, High Grade, Soft Silicone Eye Washer. - Leak-proof Secure And Comfortable Fit. - Effortless, Low Slide Superior Grade Silicone Head Band. - Speedy-Fit Polycarbonate Fastener. Why Silicone? By using superior grade elastic silicone for making the eye socket lining has several pros. The silicone is so ductile that it conforms to the form of the eyes with no trouble. The shape of the lining will suit nearly all eye socket form and it is so well sealed that a slight suction will take place. Because they are so supple and workable, they can be utilized for long periods of time without pain. The silicone is also non - allergenic. Contemporary Style The outer surface of the lenses contain reflective veneer that are 100 percent ultraviolet protective. The mirrored veneer minimizes radiance from the sun and intense lights as small a level as possible. Moreover they have a wide angled sight permitting you to see two sides of you simply. The inside lenses include an anti-condensation finish. A light detergent should be utilized to clean them and cleaned with fresh water.

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