Americans prefer the Mexican version of Coca Cola

The Coca Cola drink created in the United States and one of the most successful in history, appears to have different flavors in the United States and Mexico , indicate some media . Bloomberg Business Week public in November 2013 that there are groups of Americans who swear Coca Cola made ??in Mexico tastes better than bottled at home in America. BuzzFeed did a collection of fans from different parts of the American Union expressed their satisfaction by consuming the Mexican version . Even fans pay more just to have a Coke "Mexican" , according to The Daily Mail information stating that in some places in New York drink costs $ 3.5, while the normal price is a dollar. BuzzFeed also explained why Coca Cola bottled in Mexico tastes different than in the United States : a variation in their preparation is the culprit. While in the American Union corn syrup used to sweeten , in Mexico sugar cane is used , which presumably alter the taste of the drink. The syrup is used instead of cane sugar because it's cheaper in the U.S., so to save costs the soft drink company decided to use it. The Coca Cola "Mexican" was introduced to the U.S. in 2003 to meet the demand of consumers of Mexican origin in the south indicates the BBC.

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