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Femen activists protest topless at a Catholic cathedral in Germany

Gothic Catholic cathedral of Cologne was the subject of the Christmas "attack" the Femen movement. One of his activist ascended the altar, half naked in the middle of mass with the slogan 'I am God ' ( ' I am God ' ) inscribed on his torso. To protest the lone member of the German branch of the movement in defense of women , Josephine Witt chose the time when Archbishop Joachim Meisner he gave blessings to the faithful and congratulated on the occasion of Christmas. This action Femen called to the Vatican to end the " wave of fans that returns us to the Middle Ages with its laws ." He protested against attempts to establish a "control on fertility desires of women" and came to speak in favor of abortion . The activist was detained by the clergy and the security guards who dragged beyond the altar and covered her breasts with his coat which had come to the temple. They then alerted the police , who introduced him for disturbing allegations of religious practice .

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