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Mother holds her baby in the trunk of his car for 15 months

A French couple is arrested accused of abuse and neglect of the smallest of their four children. The remained locked in the trunk of the car since he was born fifteen months. He was a mechanic who repaired the vehicle of parent who discovered the little casually. He heard moans coming from the back of the vehicle and when he opened the trunk he found the small . I was malnourished and presents a physical and mental retardation . " She was completely naked , he had a cot and the smell was unbearable. The girl was lying on a trash bag ," said the mechanic . The mother, a French woman of 45 years , told police she hid her pregnancy and birth to all , included the baby's father . But police are investigating whether this is really so. At the moment both are arrested and face 10 years in prison . " We live here , I've never seen this woman pregnant. Never seen a crib or a baby or something like that ," said a neighbor. They have three other children whom they treated as normal but all have been handed over to social services .

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