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At FunHost.Net/oobakoo, Simple puzzle/arcade type game where your goal is to clear all of the orbs on the play area. Swap colors around to make new, complex colors to destroy more orbs. Fire an orb into the field using the left mouse button. The color of the fired orb matches the color of your main orb. To change colors, press space to cycle through your smaller orbs, or collect new colors with your main orb to create complex colors. (Fire your main orb than rotate your colors (space) while the reward orb is falling to mix colors). Collect stars to rack up additional points! (Arcade, Puzzle Game) . Play OobakoO for Free at FunHost.Net/oobakoo on FunHost.Net , The Fun Host of Apps and Games! OobakoO : FunHost.Net/oobakoo www: FunHost.Net Facebook: facebook.com/FunHostApps Twitter: twitter.com/FunHost

  • Duration: 01:37



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