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Mexican girl regarded as the next Steve Jobs

Wired magazine , said on its front page to Paloma Noyola , Mexican girl living in Matamoros , Tamaulipas , and had the best average in mathematics in the country. His companions, not far behind and follow the steps responsible for this performance is Professor Sergio Juarez , which has driven the whole school with an innovative teaching method. Studying at primary Paloma Jose Urbina López , located next to the city dump , his teacher, Sergio Juarez , implemented new teaching model with new teaching techniques developed by Sugata Mitra , leaving aside the traditional teaching . Wired, one of the most influential journals in areas of science and technology around the world , said on its front page with the title Paloma "The next Steve Jobs " with a summary that says: " The jinn are everywhere , but we're wasting . How to support the great minds of tomorrow ? " The magazine highlights the work of the master of Paloma , without neglecting the details of their social environment and the serious problem of drug trafficking in the border city , achieving Paloma is that despite these circumstances , the best result obtained in Mathematics Link 2012 test , test that applies to all students in the country. Sergio Juarez primary school teacher José Urbina López , achieved in a year that Paloma got there, and that another 10 school students obtain very good results in Mathematics and Spanish . Correa Juárez implement Sugata Mitra 's work at his teaching , for he considered that children were not learning in class and he was bored to teach that way. Mitra is a professor at the University of Newcastle in the UK, he implemented an innovative system in India, gave children access to a computer and be organized let alone , the results showed that children were able to organize and learn without the need for intervention by adults. The magazine highlights the work of Juarez Correa as the engine that caused a very poor school achieve these results in such a short time , when the test link was applied in 2011 , 45 % of students had failed in mathematics and 31% in Spanish . A year later the result was completely different , only 7% failed in Mathematics and 3.5% in Spanish . Juárez Correa spent five years teaching with traditional teaching method applied throughout Mexico , to research on the internet and read the results of the method of Mitra decided to test the system. In August 2011 he received the Paloma group let the ingeniaran children rather than forcing them to memorize and repeat full readings . The teacher explained to her students that children across the border have access to high speed internet while in Matamoros just had electricity intermittently. " But you have one thing that makes them equal to any child in the world : Potential . From now on, we will use that potential to become the best students in the world " were the words with which Correa began his experiment. Wired highlighted this revolutionary way of teaching children , it could be the way to develop the full potential of the students , which would open the door to a potential new generation of " geniuses" .

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