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Teacher is beaten by a student in Johannesburg

Eyewitness News understands the pupil who assaulted a teacher at Glenvista High School has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. The boy assaulted a male teacher, chased him out of the classroom and attacked him with a broom and a chair. The footage, which has now gone viral, was captured on a cellphone by a pupil The Gauteng Department of Education condemned the assault. Spokesperson Gershwin Chuenyane said they instructed the school to suspend the pupil with immediate effect. He said the teacher will be provided with counselling, adding, "We'd like to commend the teacher for being a professional." The school is yet to make a statement on the attack. It is still unclear what sparked the attack. CALLS FOR EXPULSION A Glenvista parent has called for the expulsion of the pupil. In the video, pupils are heard encouraging him to attack the teacher. A parent who only wants to be known as Debbie says the pupils' behaviour is unacceptable in any school. "All the guys who were laughing in the background are accomplices. I feel all parents should sign a petition that this child be expelled, and those encouraging him should be suspended for a long time." She said the teacher is nothing but a humble old man who doesn't deserve this treatment from a pupil or anyone else. "I was absolutely disgusted and my daughter was in tears when she saw what a grade eight pupil was doing to the teacher. At the beginning of the year, my daughter told me the grade eight pupils are like barbarians and their behaviour is atrocious." This incident comes in the wake of two other cases at Gauteng schools. One incident involves a pupil who was allegedly forced to drink his urine and another where a mother allegedly headbutted a boy who had fought with her daughter.

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