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Liam Hemsworth ends his engagement to Miley Cyrus by Eiza Gonzalez

Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez was spotted next to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth at a club in Las Vegas, after shine with Miley Cyrus. Some international media as "Daily Mail", "Life & Style" and the Spanish newspaper "ABC", reported that the couple were chatting and enjoying cocktails in the VIP area of a club, on September 14. Eiza Gonzalez moved to America to give a boost to your career differently and acting. Hemsworth arrived with five friends and a couple of friends, who including Eiza, sat at a table near the DJ, that before the group was directed to a more private space. Eiza, 23, is seen sitting on tall furniture with legs crossed while Liam, also 23, is standing right in front of her eyes crossing. The actress looked stunning in red fitted dress which boasted her legs. A necklace and her hair. He wore blue jeans and white shirt. Meanwhile, representatives of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirmed they have ended their engagement, so there will be no wedding.

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