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PETA criticized Katy Perry for her video Roar

The most adorable music video for Katy Perry's Roar 'were animals but PETA seems to share the same opinion with regard to the ethical treatment of animals. Although Katy Perry wash see a crocodile teeth, playing with the monkey and paint her nails seems yet adorable elephants but according to the organization the casting give the animals for this types of videos traumatized. To protest his view, PETA sent a letter to the producers and directors of Roar on the use of real animals. The letter said, "What you may not know, and many do not know is that animals used for television and film endure much cruelty and suffering horribly violent training method." Katy's team never wanted to cause any harm to these animals, even she is an animal lover and has always stood for the rights of animals, have been presented with a letter to PETA. The letter is from the American Humane Association or the American Association humanitarian who was present three days of recording ensuring that all guidelines and rules were followed so ensuring the safety of all animals used in ROAR. Sources who were in the recording confirmed that even animals dictated the speed at which the different scenes were recorded.

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