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Murdered singer during live concert in Brazil

It is known as MC Daleste, Daniel Pellegrini called a Brazilian singer who was killed Saturday by a bullet during a concert in the city of Campinas, 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo. Through a statement, the Civil Police of Sao Paulo reported that already started research and considers the videos that have been uploaded to the internet that capture the time of the crime. Viewers just recorded the singer when he was shot, and he can be seen talking to the public and fall upon impact. MC Daleste was a singer of funk, Brazilian musical style similar to reggaeton, born in the slums and was very popular among young people. The singer's songs contain lyrics killed with strong sexual content and violence. Mc Daleste, at only 20, was taken to hospital Paulínia Municipal, arriving alive. He died a few hours later as a consequence of the wounds that produced the shot.

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