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Man tries to behead mother at restaurant in Phoenix

by W.News

Phoenix police have arrested a man who allegedly attacked his mother and tried to cut off her head at a sushi and steak restaurant in north Phoenix. Officers were called to Sakura Sushi and Steakhouse Tuesday night on reports of a fight. They met the victim, an adult female, who is the owner of the restaurant. She had cuts and knife... wounds on her body, allegedly from her son, who also works at the restaurant. The victim reported her son, 35-year-old Michael Lee Hansen, punched her in the head and knocked her unconscious. When she came to and walked into the kitchen, she found Hansen brandishing a 7-inch knife. He allegedly slashed at her, cutting her around her hands and neck, and the victim screamed at him to stop, according to several witness reports. Hansen then reportedly kicked her while she was on the floor. Detectives arrived to the scene and took Hansen into custody. He admitted to hitting his mother and attempting to cut her head off, saying he "failed to get his kill." This was all over some "pornographic pictures of him," Hansen told detectives during a Miranda interview. But it didn't end there. While handcuffed at the hospital to receive treatment for cuts to his hand, Hansen had to be tased after shoving a rolling bed at an officer. And at the 4th Ave Jail, Hansen attacked another prisoner who was sitting next to him. For no apparent reason, police say Hansen wrapped the chain of his handcuffs around the victim's neck and pulled him to the floor. They were separated, and the attack was caught on jail surveillance video. Hansen is facing charges of assault, attempted murder, and criminal damage. He is in isolation, being held on $250,000 bond. His mother suffered non-life threatening injuries. She will be ok.

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