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News Crew Attacked with Rocks Bat and Dogs

A young TV reporter from Rhode Island has learned the hard way that covering the news could be a dangerous business when an on-camera interview took a violent turn. Melissa Lawrence, 35, from Providence, has been charged with assault after she threw a rock, waved a baseball bat and urged her dogs to attack a WLNE-TV news crew reporting on a graduation party shooting. WLNE-TV reports that its cameraman and reporter were trying to speak with Lawrence, the mother of a victim, Tuesday after a teenage boy who allegedly shot her daughter turned himself in to police. A terrifying video of the incident shows Lawrence throwing a rock at them, wielding a bat, screaming 'Get away from me,' and directing her two pit bulls to attack. The dogs then chased down 24-year-old reporter Abbey Niezgoda and bit her on her forearm before Lawrence called them back. In the video, Lawrence, who is black, also could be heard yelling racial slurs at Niezgoda, who is white.

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