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Breaking News Explosion at NY College Nyack A Lot of People Injured Some Trapped

At least seven people were injured Tuesday after an explosion on a college campus north of New York City. Rockland Fire and Emergency Services coordinator Gordon Wren Jr. tells Fox News the explosion blew out windows and doors in a two-story building at Nyack College. Wren says seven people were injured in the blast, including one woman who fell from a window and was taken to the hospital. None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. Some people were trapped after the explosion, but have since been freed. The explosion at Nyack College happened just before noon. A spokesman for the Rockland County executive's office says county fire departments are responding. "There's a lot of people hurt," South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian said after arriving at the scene. "There's a lot of people injured. We got ambulances up here galore." The college sent out a tweet saying that "Everyone is doing ok." Authorities say there's a gas leak at the building, but it's unclear if it caused the explosion or if the explosion caused the leak. Witnesses told The Journal News that the smell of gas hung in the air. Nyack College is a Christian college about 25 miles north of New York City. The explosion happened at a building on South Highland Avenue.

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