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NarcoGuerra Official Game Trailer

NarcoGuerra is a challenging and tactical newsgame that puts you on the frontline of one of the most dangerous conflicts ever; the War on Drugs. From the acclaimed creators of Endgame:Syria, described as "...oozes quite some quality and is actually fun to play... with this unique gamification approach, it will make more people aware of what is happening today..." (GamesWarp.com), NarcoGuerra looks at the ongoing conflict from the perspective of the Mexican authorities trying to stamp out the drug trade within that embattled country. As the Chief of Police you must attempt to retake Mexico's regions from the cartels whilst dealing with corruption within the police force itself. The game features three game-modes; Story, Skirmish and Local Multiplayer. Take operational control of the police as you attempt to stem the ever-growing tide of conflict and trafficking, or try taking control of a cartel in multiplayer, quelling all opposing forces. Can you succeed where others have failed to push back the Narcos and cartels for over 40 years? Find out in NarcoGuerra...

  • Duration: 00:51



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