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Woman breastfeeds TV host during live show

A Dutch TV presenter called Paul de Leeuw, let your audience really surprised to ask a woman in the audience to leave some milk suck. After the surprising event in your program, began a series of criticisms of the driver by means of social networks. The woman went to her program with a group of women from a charity that enables the exchange of breast milk, but the driver was curious to know what he knew. Paul asked a woman to let him prove his milk, to see if he knew "sweet and well" as he understood. The woman offered milk stored in a boat had been removed recently, but Paul answered that he preferred drink it straight from its natural source. In response, the donor, named Wendy, the presenter replied "Well, if you bite, you can taste it." De Leeuw drank each of the breasts of women and jokingly said: "I find the second breast tastes better, and I can say that yesterday ate asparagus". Despite receiving criticism and program presenter on social networks, Wendy defended the event claiming it was for a good cause.

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