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Woman falls on subway tracks with her baby in Mexico City

A woman died after falling accidentally into Metro tracks and being hit by the train at the station of Line 9 Puebla, while her six-year-old saved his life and was taken to hospital pediatric Legaria. Police reports indicated that the incident occurred around 19:30 am when the victim, who has not been identified, had in his little arms and walking down the platform apparently stumbled. For this reason the service of the Mexico City Metro system was interrupted for several minutes while personnel Metro Civil Protection and Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical (ERUM) performed maneuvers to rescue the woman and child. To remove the bodies was necessary to "reverse drag the convoy" that ran in the direction of Tacubaya, and witnesses said the driver had no time to brake. The child was transported by ambulance from the Ministry of Health of the Federal District LEGARIA pediatric hospital, which is staffed by a head injury. From the facts learned the prosecutor, who initiated a preliminary investigation for the crime of homicide and injury.

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