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Capriles and Maduro vote in the Venezuelan presidential election

Venezuelans vote Sunday in calm and normalcy on a day that the controversy is back again in the discrepancies between Chavez and the opposition, this time due to the participation figures, which the first break marks, and according the latter are not. Candidates of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, and the opposition, Henrique Capriles, however have agreed to call the Venezuelans go to the polls to elect a president who will end the mandate that the deceased Hugo Chavez began on January 10, in his third term. Shortly after the vote, barely late afternoon, Maduro has said that after eight hours of the opening of the polls had voted 11.5 million of 18.9 million voters registered and predicted that there will be a participation "Record". "We are here today, the news is very good, you know, are breaking participation records nationwide," stated Maduro told reporters after voting at a school in western Caracas. He insisted his call to vote stating that "no excuses" for not doing so and that if he had a "dream machine" would ask you to cover 100% of the voters. Maduro spoke after his campaign manager, Jorge Rodriguez, said that until 11.30 local time (16.00 GMT) had voted eight million people "We will vote to strengthen democracy in Venezuela: perfect finish," said wearing blue shirt and red shirt, accompanied by the family of the late President Hugo Chavez. Capriles doubts Maduro figures Since the opposition campaign question the figure given by Rodríguez and say the actual number was 7 million at that time. Capriles has also referred to the issue after voting and Rodriguez accused of wanting to "bother" with the spread of figures on participation. The opposition candidate and his campaign team have replicated to the ads of Chavez High participation in the conference by stating that these are figures of "inspiration" ruling. The opposition presidential candidate Venezuelan voted at a school in Caracas and has called on his followers to leave the "avalanche" to vote in the remainder of election day and to denounce the "abuses", noting that "Venezuela won today" . Surrounded by his supporters and accompanied by his mother, Capriles voted just after 13.00 local time (17.30 GMT) in the St. Thomas of Villanova College, located in the municipality of Chacao, where he was mayor for two terms. Dressed in a Venezuelan team jacket white football and wearing the same shoes in these opportunities because, he says, will bring luck, the opposition candidate took the ballot, kissed him and placed in the urn.

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