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North Korea declares State of War against South Korea possible Nuclear War

North Korea announced today that it has entered into a "state of war" and warned of a "major combat" outside the region, through a statement from the North's KCNA state agency. "From now, North-South relations will enter a state of war and matters arising between North and South will be treated accordingly," the regime through a special announcement posted on the state agency. In his usual bellicose North Korean media published yesterday that its leader Kim Jong-un ordered have missiles ready to strike at "any time" U.S. interests and South Korea. In his new North Korean announcement said "the situation in which there is neither war nor peace of the Korean peninsula is over." The two Koreas have remained technically at war since the end of the conflict that faced in 1950-1953 and ended with a ceasefire, after which an armistice was signed and nonaggression agreements. The statement also warned of a "major combat" beyond the region if South Korea and the U.S. continued their military operations in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas.

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