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Lady Gaga cancels Tour and needs surgery

Lady Gaga has cancelled her remaining tour dates and needs surgery. After learning yesterday that Lady Gaga had postponed three shows in Chicago, Detroit, and Hamilton, Ontario, we learned late last night that Gaga has gone further and cancelled the rest of her Born This Way Ball tour dates which includes over 15 dates. It was revealed that Gaga has been suffering chronic pain due to severe joint inflammation from an injury and the update is that she needs repair surgery. After undergoing more tests yesterday Gaga revealed she needs surgery for a "labral tear of the right hip", apparently due to her physically demanding live show. All those hip twisting dance moves and super high heels are finally catching up with the 26-year-old star. Mother Monster revealed on Twitter previously that she had been hiding the pain from her staff because she did not want to cancel shows and disappoint her fans. She had to eventually come to terms with her pain when she could not walk after a recent show. The cancelled tour was announced via a press release from Live Nation on LittleMonsters.com that read, "the remainder of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball performances have been cancelled....She will need surgery to repair the problem, followed by strict down time to recover.... Refunds for the cancelled performances will be available at point of purchase starting February 14, 2013."

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