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As Luck Would Have It Official US Release TRAILER 1 2013 HD Salma Hayek Movie

Once upon a time Roberto (Spanish comic José Mota) had a promising career in advertising. But the economy has kept him out of work for a long time, and he's struggling to hide his family's dire economic situation from his adoring wife Luisa (Salma Hayek, as vivacious as ever), who dotes on him job or no job. When his latest interview goes nowhere, his spirit seems irrevocably dampened. Then a freak accident suddenly puts Roberto at the center of a media frenzy. The enterprising ad man hires a snaky agent to help him cash in on his life-or-death situation, but it's up to Luisa to convince Roberto that his life is worth more to his family than financial security.

  • Duration: 01:34



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