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PSY tired of singing and dancing Gangnam Style

Psy said he's tired of singing and dancing the Gangnam Style. The South Korean rapper Psy, who achieved international fame in 2012 with his "Gangnam Style" does not want to continue playing the hit that catapulted him to success in 2012. "Acting night New Year's Eve in Times Square is something special, is the world's biggest stage," however said in a statement to MTV television in New York. The performance also coincided with his birthday. "All together can be a good reason to leave the 'Gangnam Style'" said the musician of 35 years. "What better way to end it?'s Largest and most important my birthday." Psy rose to international fame with his signature song and dance and the video became the first in the history of YouTube website to be seen more than 1,000 million times. Following the success, Psy admitted that the change will not be easy. "The song has become all too familiar," he said. "I find it difficult to work on a new single". However, his performance in New York will not be the last of the "Gangnam Style" because commitments also closed in Paris and China, among others.

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