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Hugo Chavez in Coma to death in Cuba for Cancer

by W.News

"Hugo Chavez has come in recent days in an induced coma, with very weak vital signs, maintained through artificial assistance procured the Havana hospital where he was admitted," he says in today's edition of the Spanish newspaper ABC . The newspaper said that according to his sources, "had scheduled an upcoming disconnection of... artificial support extending the life of the Venezuelan president. Such disconnection, with predictable result of death, could occur at any moment." From ABC's news media have already been made as the Caracol of Colombia. In Argentina, the cable channel C5N contacted the editor of the publication, who confirmed the information. "With constant fever, loss of consciousness and the antibóticos unanswered, Chavez came to the end of the year in intensive care, without eating anything solid since undergoing surgery three weeks ago, with year and intravenous feeding unnatural due to the extraction nearly two feet of intestine, according to intelligence sources with access to your medical team. respiratory functions also were artificially assisted after tracheotomy which was submitted by an infection that led to the retention of fluid in the lungs. That box complete with kidney failure, "explains ABC. ABC adds that the operation carried out on 11 for four crops remove her pelvis and bowel cancer, Venezuelan President were extracted 43.4 inches of small intestine. A biopsy conducted during surgery also detected cancer cells in the inner walls of the intestine and the bladder. The article warns that the operation, performed by a medical team arrived in Russia specifically, with the assistance of Cuban doctors also found that bone metastases and spinal cord was progressing steadily. Normally this would have probably required an upcoming bone marrow transplant, but his condition deteriorated and so has not allowed more performances.

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