Nostradamus predicted the Gangnam Style

As it is seen that anything can happen in the Internet Age, this time the story moves to the prophecies of Nostradamus, and some people are real similarities with the writings sigllos ago. According to a video circulating on social networks, the astrologer predicted the success of the song Gangnam Korean Style Psy also doomsday in 2012. An alleged Nostradamus quatrain written in his book "The true centuries and prophecies astrological" would support such an assertion. According to the "interpretation" of users of sites like Tumblr and Reddit, Korea is the "land of the morning calm", the "dancing horse" refers to the dance of the "Gangnam Style", and "nine zeros" are refer to the billion video views that could reach on Youtube on 21 December, alleged doomsday date, according to the Mayan calendar. However, the alleged quote from Nostradamus referred, there. A review of the texts written by the medieval astrologer reveals that this text was simply a creation of users of social networking sites, which apparently, much much much they have to do.

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