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Exwife of Mike Tyson cheating with Brad Pitt

Perhaps in none of his fights Mike Tyson became so enraged as he did in the house of his ex-wife in the late 80s. Is that on that occasion, former heavyweight boxing champion, who still maintained intimate encounters with Robin Givens while carrying forward the divorce proceedings, found the woman in bed ... with Brad Pitt. Tyson and actress Robin Givens were married in 1988, just three months after the woman filed for divorce alleging abuse of their partner. However, in the process of separation, Tyson Givens was visiting. "At that time I used to pass by his house for sex and then went over to my lawyer tell me that she was stealing money," said Tyson in the U.S. radio program "with Graham Bensinger in profanity." Sure, the divorce was 10 million. Just one of those nights when Mike arrived at the home of his former partner, he found her in bed with the Hollywood star. "That night someone beat me to it. I think Brad got there before me," he recalled. Pitt and Givens had been dating before she married Tyson. "I got mad as hell. Should have seen his face when he saw me," said the former boxer of 46 years. However, the actor was unhurt. They say it's a lucky guy.

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