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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Together in NYC Central Park

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles enjoy a date in Central Park Manhattan. Singers, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles look like they are the new international show young couples, although both have tried to keep their romance a secret, the photos published by the Us Weekly confirms that Harry and Taylor are dating now. Harry 18, and Swift, 22 were seen very romantic in Manhattan's Central Park, where young couples frequent much. Fans who were at the park and saw them together began reporting the news via their Twitter accounts. "I just saw Taylor Swift!" wrote one. "Oh my God!" And so the fans continued to write until they reached the paparazzi and photographed themselves. Harry Styles has long had its focus on Swift, and that he had appointed her as the star whom she had a "crush" or romantic feelings, this according to his interview with Seventeen magazine this past November. It seems that the feelings were mutual.

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