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Meet the Mascot World Cup in Brazil will be called Fuleco

FIFA has announced that the mascot World Brazil 2014 will be called "Fuleco", a name that has won a popular vote, in which more than 1.7 million people and received 48% of the votes. "Fuleco", a term that combines football and ecology, has been the most supported of the three finalists to name the armadillo designed as a pet, ahead of Zuzeco (31%), word comes in blue and ecology, and Amijubi (21 %), which binds friendship and joy. World Cup organizers analyzed about 450 names proposed to designate the pet and finally chose the three options above, which remained despite the discontent expressed by some fans for his difficult to pronounce or produce cacophony in Portuguese. The mascot is an armadillo three bands (the Tolypeutes tricinctus), an endangered species in Brazil, which is known for its ability to protect themselves in a spherical shell, which somewhat resembles a soccer ball. According to FIFA announced from the official presentation of the mascot it has gained in popularity as data from a follow-up survey of the FIFA brand reflect that 89% of Brazilians already knows it and gets a score of 7.3 on 10 as a character who awakens sympathy. Respondents pet associate with nature, passion for football and friendly character, supporting the goal of the FIFA World Cup to convey the importance of the environment and ecology. The results of the opinion survey conducted by FIFA in Brazil in 2012 confirmed the value placed Brazilian fans to sustainability and the environment, as more than 90% believe that the World Cup should be respectful to the environment. FIFA and Brazil 2014 organizing the pet considered as endangered species, "can play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness" and "motivate the public to respect the environment"

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