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Premiere of Breaking Dawn 2 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the Red Carpet

by DaianaFerrer

The young American actress Kristen Stewart grabbed everyone's attention in the presentation of the latest installment of the saga 'Twilight' in Los Angeles, and he could not repress his astonishment at the avalanche of public who came to the red carpet to meet in person protagonists. Aware that one of the last living specimens of... popular enthusiasm to the saga, Kristen said she was trying to "assimilate" the thrilling experience and treasure forever in memory. "This I say may sound a cliché red carpet, but I am completely stunned by the reception. Really, everything seems surreal is happening.'m Trying to absorb and assimilate, to enjoy every minute of what I'm living "he said to the press. Unlike his upbeat couple, Robert Pattinson complained publicly of stressful lifestyle that leads for the international promotion of their films, and wished she could stay much longer in Los Angeles by the need to take an urgent flight to London. "Having to leave quickly after the presentation is very irritating, but we have to catch a flight to London and then go to Madrid to continue with presentations" admitted Patt. Besides the popular girlfriend who stars in the series, the premiere Angeleno of the second part of Breaking Dawn came other stars like Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Green and Elle Fanning.

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