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Controversy over breastfeeding doll Breast Milk Baby Berjuan Toys

The toy has already caused much controversy and outrage of many; Most parents who have expressed their opinion say that these dolls are not to their liking. The company defended its product Berjuan Toys, however, the toy was not well received by parents. The dolls are called Breast Milk Baby, and at first glance appear to be normal, but have a sensor that simulates the doll is sucking the girl's chest. "We want kids to be kids ... and this sort of thing, do not need them," said Bill O'Reilly, host of Fox, externando his disagreement with the toy. For the sensor to operate and issue sucking sounds, she must wear a special bib to simulate that you are breastfeeding a baby toy. According to SDP, the representative of Berjuan Toys, dolls defended: "There has been much rejection from people who perhaps have not really thought about what it is for the wrist and what is its purpose." "There are usually people who have problems with breastfeeding in general, or see it as a sexual thing" he added.

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