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Raw Video Sexual abuse of BBC Presenter Jimmy Savile

by CloeJo

Jimmy Saville sticks his hand up the skirt of a 19 year old girl, and laughs it off with the words "I tell you something, a fella could get used to this, as it 'appens, he really could get used to it." "Then I felt his hand go up my skirt. I leapt off my chair in shock. I was so surprised I cried out and didn't know how to deal... with it. "But he just laughed and carried on mauling me while talking to the camera. I panicked and tried to move away from him but it was so crowded I couldn't escape. When I tried to sit down his hand was still there and went for my bottom again. "I felt so embarrassed and ashamed because it was live on TV and all my friends and family were watching. "The worst thing was that he was so casual when he did it. He was committing a sexual assault live on the BBC and no one gave a damn.

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