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When Animals Attack Africanized Bees Attack During Hive Removal Penetrate and Sting

Guy in the suit is pest control working out of Fresno specializing in Africanized bee removals. The hive is in back of an old barn, but (imho) he messes up bigtime and doesn't lay down enough smoke to sedate the hive. The bees swarm in defense and he has to run and give up on removal. Maybe he does this on purpose, not sure..Bees will attack when a threat to the hive is sensed, a bee will release a pheromone which alerts the rest of the hive and they all rush to attack the threat in defense of the hive and queen. Smoke is used by beekeepers to interfere with the pheromone, giving the effect of making the bees drowsy. African­ized honey bees are much more aggressive when defending their hive. They are more easily provoked, respond in greater numbers and are defensive over a larger area. Individuals that are sensitive to bee venom, senior citizens, small children, outdoor workers, and pets or livestock in confined outdoor areas are especially at risk from multiple bee stings.

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