Beauty and the BEAT Amazing video

Camera/Editing: Sunny Peabody You asked for the lyrics so here they are! Belle: Little town, it's a quiet village Every day like the one before Little town, full of little people Waking up to say... People of the Hood: What's good, What's good, What's good, What's good Get yo tail out the street Belle: There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always He's on the downlow I can tell Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came To this busted ratchet town CLEETUS: Good morning Belle Belle: Good morning Cleetus. CLEETUS: Where you going? Belle: The weave shop! I just saw the most wonderful style it's an up do with some finger waves and some micro braids.... CLEETUS: That's nice...Patrice, where my brownies, hurry up IMAN: Hey little mama can I get them digits So I can hit you on yo cell, yo let me get it though HATER GIRL: Her beauty ain't all that! IMAN: But her booty is real fat IMAN/HATER GIRL: No denyin' she a boogie girl that Belle STREET LADY: What's good? KEITH: What it do? STREET LADY: How is yo Mama 'nem! BELLE: Bonjour GLOZELL: What You Call Me? BELLE: How is your wife? HUNGRY LADY: I need 6 legs CHEAP LADY: Uh-uh, that's too expensive BELLE: There must be more than this old hood rat life! LaWasha & LaDrya: Look there she go, she think she got that good hair Girl that's a lace-front I can tell. LaWasha: Where she get that ugly dress? Miles Jai: Cause she look a crusty mess! LaWasha & LaDrya: Cause she really is a boogie girl that Belle! Mmm. Belle: Oh, isn't this a hot mess Who would name their first-born Blue Ivy? Here's Kim Kardash 'n Kanye Wonder if they'll have a brand new show on BET? Vonzell: Well I had heard that she a chocolate chaser, They say she like that caramel. Shaqueeba: She aint looking for no beast Less he lookted like Tyrese Random Mexican: Very different from the rest of us Vonzell & Shaqueeba: Boo you ain't like the rest of us ALL: Yes different from the rest of us is Belle GUNSHOT! Oh shit! Jerome: Right from the moment I had met you seent you I said you bangin and I fell Baby what's it gonna be, Tell me is you feelin me? Cause I'm makin plans to leave my momma house. Chicken Heads: Look there he go, isn't he awl that My boo, Jerome...girl he so foine Uh-uh, 4 real? Girl no he didn't If she can't use yo' comb don't bring her home Chaos Section: Eh-Eh, Mmhmm, Uh-uh, Okrrr Yo' kitchen nappy...Girl hide yo kids Sho nuff, Shawty, Okay, Aint nobody got time for that Yo homie move! Jamal, Jamel, Jaquan, Jaqual My baby daddy (Child I don't know, good mornting, Oh good mornting) Belle: There must be more than this old hoodrat life Destorm: If you got good credit, you can be my wife. ALL: Look there she go, she lookted so ridiculous She thank she in a fury tale Why she got her weave like that Tell me where they do that at She really is a boogie girl A beauty but a boogie girl She really is a boogie girl.......THAT BELLE What's good What's good What's good What's good What's good What's good

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