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Naked woman wanted to eat her son in New York a new case of Bath Salts

An American woman is the new star of the recent stories of cannibalism mixed with the consumption of the drug known as "bath salts". This new incident occurred in the state of New York, where neighbors alerted police of a woman chasing a man carrying a child, which proved to be her husband and son. A neighbor of the couple said they saw her running naked out of the apartment after knocking and trying to strangle his son. He ran to retrieve the child, while others called the police. Another woman said she also attacked one of their dogs and tried to strangle him with his legs, as published on "Daily Mail" When officers arrived to the neighborhood of Munnsville, Pamela McCarthy found "very militant" and apparently under the influence of drugs, police said. She groaned when he was approached and tried to bite one of the policemen who used the stun gun to subdue her. Only then could handcuff her and take her to a hospital where he died of cardiac arrest. The child was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. Bath salts, a synthetic amphetamine cocktail, known as 'the new LSD" was the drug that is believed consumed Eugene Rudy, the man ate a homeless face in Miami last month.

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