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Solar Eclipse This Weekend Sun May 20 2012

The Moon will pass across the Sun on Sunday May 20, causing an annular solar eclipse will be visible from Southeast Asia by the Pacific Ocean to the western part of North America. So NASA said today. The annular eclipse occurs when the Moon's shadow does not cover completely the Sun and the star is seen as a luminous ring. It is hoped that this time the moon covers up to 94 percent of the sun and because of the wide band in which it is hoped will be appreciated that millions of people go see it. In the United States is expected to eclipse starts around 17:30, Pacific Time (00:30 GMT, 20:30 Saturday in Paraguay) and in a process that lasts about two hours the moon will cover the sun leaving spend only a sun that will draw a ring in the sky. The "path of annularity", ie the strip that will happen, will have about 321 kilometers wide, but will go through several urban centers such as Tokyo (Japan), Medford (Oregon), Chico (California), Reno (Nevada), Albuquerque (new Mexico), and Lubbock, Texas. NASA indicates that many astronomy clubs have organized activities for the public with telescopes and reminds the public to take precautions to not look at the eclipse without a filter because the extended sunlight can cause serious eye damage. "The ring of sunlight during annularity is brilliant," said eclipse expert Fred Espenak of NASA Goddard, who recommended the use sunscreens or any projection technique to avoid looking at the Sun directly.

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