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Actors body like Judas who hung himself in Brazil will be buried in Sao Paulo

Brazilian actor Thiago Klimeck, who hanged himself accidentally while playing the role of Judas in a representation of Christ's passion during Holy Week, died today in a statement the hospital Santa Casa de Itapeva. Klimeck, 27, suffered a severe cerebral hypoxia in lacking the risk of oxygen for four minutes at the hanging, apparently happened by mistake in the knot of the rope. The accident occurred the night of Good Friday, April 6, in the town of Itararé, 345 kilometers west of Sao Paulo, during rendering of the biblical scene in which Judas commits suicide sorry for betraying Jesus Christ. After about four minutes, the other actors realized that Klimeck was unconscious, so that with the help of rescuers down and taken to a health center Itararé, where he was taken to the hospital a day after the Itapeva city, where he died today.

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