'Super 8' Super Bowl Trailer

J.J. Abrams%u2019 next mysterious monster movie project, Super 8, is on its way, and although the film secured a spot on the list of Screen Rant%u2019s 20 most anticipated films of 2011, we still know very little about it. The first Super 8 trailer was more of a concept teaser and it was created before the film even began casting. Outside of the teaser and some set footage, all we%u2019ve had is rumors and speculation, some involving what the Super 8 monster may look like. With the advent of Super Bowl XLV this weekend, one of the many major movie TV spots/trailers is for Super 8 and it has given us our first real look into Abrams%u2019 1970s-based sci-fi thriller (check out all the Super Bowl movie trailers).

  • Duración: 00:31



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