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8 Year Old Raps Pitbull - "Hey Baby" ft. T-Pain (Cover/Remix) MattyBRaps

by tilno50

Hey! I'm MattyB and I'm 8 years old! I've wanted to be a Rapper, Artist, and Hip-Hop dancer ever since I was a little kid! One day I'll make my own songs but right now I love making covers and remix videos to popular songs already out and then upload them to my YouTube Channel for my friends to see! I believe you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and I totally want to share my music all around the world. This video right here was just for fun and I had a blast using a TON of auto tune and cool effects on my voice like T-Pain and Pitbull did in their original song, "Hey Baby". Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment and be sure to support me if you like my rap by clicking the "like" button, saving to favorites, and subscribing to my channel! Your support means so much to me!




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