Will Arnett and the Late Night Crew Perform "The Pro Bowl Shuffle"

by metatubero

For those who missed this Late Night gem, here's "The Pro Bowl Shuffle." In it, comedians rap Chicago Bears-style dressed as some NFL favorites (like Will Arnett as Brett Favre and Horatio Sans as Troy Palomalu.) Amusing lyrics included! And now, the lyrics for your sing-along pleasure. Brett Favre (Played by Will Arnett) Well they call me Brett and I like to dance Then I text you a picture of what's in my pants 11 Pro Bowls cuz I love to win Been with more pro teams than a Kardashian If you hear me say, that I'm retired that just means I'm currently for hire I shop at sears and I'm on a roll Shufflin' on down to another Pro Bowl Tom Brady (Played by Jimmy Fallon) I'm the funky QB they call Tom Brady if you saw me from the back, you'd think I was a lady cuz my hair's so long that it might deceive ya Get it cut the same place as Justin Bieber All-American with looks to boot Every night I see Gisele in her birthday suit Like Homer Simpson got a face full of stubble So I look good doing the Pro Bowl shuffle Michael Vick (Played by Bashir Salahuddin) A-bow-wow-wow-yippee yo yippee yay It's your boy Mike Vick here to save the day Had to go to jail cuz my homeboy snitched Then learned a new meaning for the word I could run it or throw it, to score a goal I just wish they'd let me play in the Puppy Bowl Stop barking bad about me or you'll get the muzzle Cuz I just wanna do the Pro Bowl shuffle Troy Palomalu (Played by Horatio Sans) Well they call me Troy Pa-lo-ma-lu and spelling my name is hard to do If you really want, to be, just like me Well use more shampoo than a sorority I'll hit you so hard, I'll rock your world My hair looks like a big-assed jerry curl I do the Pro-Bowl shuffle with a flip Then I whip my hair like Willow Smith Eli Manning (Played by A. D. Miles) Eli Manning in the house the same place I'll be watching the Super Bowl this year You know my brother Peyton, I'm sure you do I've been livin' in his shadow since I was two Playing for Giants is pretty neat I love 'em even more than Rex Ryan loves feet I won the Super Bowl a few years ago Now the Pro Bowl shuffle is all I know




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