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Looking thousands of butterflies for the funeral of Jenni Rivera

by Laurix

Some media report that morning and others will be on Wednesday, however, so far the Rivera family has not confirmed where and when will the people farewell to Jenni Rivera, Diva Band and who died on December 9 in a tragic plane crash. Although it was claimed that Rivera would be tomorrow evening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, this could not be because for tomorrow and Wednesday's games in the NBA ruled that installation. After evaluating dozens of published information, which aims to make the most sense so far is that people wake the Diva of Banda will be held this Wednesday, December 19, at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. However, need to wait for confirmation by the Rivera family. Meanwhile, the town is prepared to comply with the wishes of the Diva of Banda. In various media, citizens have expressed that are in search of butterflies, hundreds of them, to release them upon him a last farewell. Remember that Jenni Rivera was described as a caterpillar who became the butterfly in his neighborhood in "Playa Larga" (Long Beach). He also left wanted written hundreds of butterflies were released at his funeral. On the other hand it has been reported that the family will have a private farewell to Jenni Rivera, allegedly ceremony will add great stars. There is also talk of a Mass in Mexico, but the latter has failed to be confirmed.




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