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Leaked naked pics of Justin Bieber

by JanethM

Justin Bieber post on Twitter that her camera and laptop stolen contained "personal images", a picture of a naked boy has been circulating in social networks. In the image, which was supposed to be the singer, a man appears totally naked from the neck down, with a tattoo of a bird on the left side of the abdomen - like that of the teen star. Information provided by site E! Online. Bieber fans, however, have argued that the boy's navel and nipples are not equal to the idol. They also ensure that the photo in question would already be on the web before the singer's equipment being stolen. After the incident, which happened on Tuesday (9), during a concert tour in Tacoma, Washington, the musician posted on his microblog: "I had a lot of personal pictures on the computer and the camera, and that's what bother me anymore. " According to TMZ, sources close to Bieber said, on Thursday (11), that the photo is not the singer.




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