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#VIRAL: Child who sells candy cries when receiving a turkey of police

To have a Thanksgiving with food at the table, the uniformed stopped in the streets to several families who were traveling and this time it was a mother and her son. First it was concern of the drivers and their companions, when the patrollers and motorcyclists marked the stop, then the joy reigned. The officers gave them some cards with a message of congratulations and good wishes, accompanied by the animal, so they can have a great meal today, Thursday, in their respective homes. "A gesture of humanity, warmth, friendly behavior, is what in your daily act, should characterize an officer of the law, that message wanted to give our colleagues, when they asked us permission to do this event, to give away the turkeys", said Claudio Treviño, Laredo Police Chief. It is a great pride for all, the idea and action of our elements, for a server it is an honor to be in front of a corporation, with such noble people, added the head of the corporation.

  • Duration: 01:51