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Katy Perry Teases "Chained to the Rhythm" with New Clip

Katy Perry has taken a page out of Madonna's book, totally reinventing herself with brand new platinum locks and a brand new single. One could say that this year will be Katy Perry's return to pop music. Her last album was released 4 years ago, and she has pretty much disappeared on the music scene since then. Of course, she has been in the tabloids still, mostly for her feud with Taylor Swift and relationships with John Mayer and Orlando Bloom. She also was recently seen campaigning for Hilary Clinton. Of course there was her single, Rise, strategically released right before the Olympics, and her big Super Bowl performance when she rode a lion. But believe it or not, she hasn't actually released an official album in 4 years. And now, she's ready to make a comeback. Here's what we know. Katy confirmed on Twitter that she will be performing at this year's Grammy Awards. Then, she unveiled the new platinum makeover on her Instagram with the caption, "New life, who dis." Naturally, this got everyone talking about Katy's possible return to the music industry. Then, the day after that, she posted 2 videos that are supposedly "clues." The first video is a billiard going up with her new blonde picture on it- by the way that picture is everywhere, definitely some kind of rebranding there. And the caption for this video says, "New Clue, February 10th."

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"Chained to the Rhythm"