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Student will lose her virginity during play

There will be a single function where an English student from Central Saint Martins in London , will be entered in front of the public, who include teachers and peers. Petter Clayton is a 19 year old , who confessed that saved her virginity for a really special moment . Petter planning your major event to the January 25, 2014 , will be a single presentation and titled "Art School Stole My Virginity " Clayton will be penetrated anally by a volunteer friend , in front of about 100 attendees, including peers and teachers. The performance will take place only once in life. After the show , Clayton asked the audience if they detected a change in the attitude of your partner performance . According to the artist , society has taken a very important value to virginity , so it has decided to use his as a tool to create art that open the debate. Meanwhile , some activists LGBT ( Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual , Trans ) is unhappy , then warn that the performance of Clayton , " gay sex cheapens "

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