Woman Sprays Cops With Breast Milk

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Woman Sprays Cops With Breast Milk
Posted August 5, 2011 | by Joss12TVel | Views 2,356 | 01:13
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An Ohio woman has been sentenced to two years' probation for spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk.Stephanie Robinette, 31, of Westerville pleaded guilty to assault and obstruction of official business charges last month.Officials say that on June 25, Robinette was was non-cooperative with deputies - who were responding to a domestic dispute - attempting to remove her from a car.They said that she then told the deputies that she was a breast-feeding mother, then exposed part of her chest, spraying them with milk.She was arrested.Robinette was sentenced in Delaware Municipal Court on Monday and ordered to pay $200 in fines, in addition to court costs.
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