Black Ops Zombies Cheats v3.3(Ps3,Xbox360,Pc COD Download)

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Black Ops Zombies Cheats v3.3(Ps3,Xbox360,Pc COD Download)
Posted February 15, 2011 | by xploitz | Views 20,856 | 03:00
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Cod Black Ops Zombies Cheats

Black Ops COD Zombie Cheat Advanced Tutorial -

MOD, unlimited ammo\sprint and a lot more! Game Save mod in download too.
This mod is guaranteed safe, virus-free, and undetectable. No JTAG required.


1) Download the mod (from the link given above)
2) It is a .rar file so you have to unrar it using winrar
3) For PC users: Drag and drop the mod onto your desktop copy of Black Ops For Console users: Upload the mod to your console via USB cord.

1) Invincible mode
2) Super speed
3) Unlimited ammo
4) Unlimited sprint
5) Super Jump
6) Disco
7) Modded HUD
8) Mystery Box weapon-selection customization
9) Miscellaneous camouflages
10) Death machine OWNAGE unlimited ammo
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