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Co-Ed School - Too Late MV [english subs romanization hangul]

by Melissa26

Artist: (Co-Ed School or just Co-ed) Song: Too Late part 1 A bit off topic but, I'm getting the new ipod touch 4gen next week, and it has a hd video camera and i'm really excited about that so i'm thinking about taking videos of seoul to share with you (i'll upload them on my personal account, not this channel), so.. if you like this idea, give me ideas or suggestions or requests about what you'd like to see, what parts of seoul would you like me to give you a tour or something... idk ^^ About this video... I cut the last part because I found it irrelevant and there was nothing to sub there anyway. I hope that you don't mind. I was really looking forward to this group, and even though I liked the fresh, colorful concept of the first set of photos they released better than this, I like the song a lot and the group seems to have a lot of potential.




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