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Welcome to SAMRIO%u011ELU HAZELNUTS, DRIED FRUITS & CHESTNUTS EXPORT TO THE WHOLE WORLD Company was founded by Sadettin Samr%u0131o%u011Flu in 1940, is one of old manufacturer and trader companies that specializes in Hazelnuts. SAMRIO%u011ELU Family has been manufacturing and exporting Akcakoca quality Natural Hazelnuts for three generation, had the honor to be chosen supplier of world's giant Chocolate industries; Nestlé SA and Kraft Foods, Inc. (Previous Jacob Suchard AG) in 1990s. SAMRIO%u011ELU is dynamic company run by professional new generation, very active in foreign trade, supply customers all around the world also with Hazelnuts ( Raw, Processed and Organic ), Chestnuts , Dried Fruits and other Nuts (both Organic and Conventional).We are very specialized also in these product categories. Our innovative approach to business, strong and old cooperation with our serious manufacturer partners who all are leaders in their fields and presenting unbeatable advantages to Global Buyers have enabled SAMRIOGLU to become highly respected supplier name in Hazelnuts and Dried Fruits sector. We are quality-oriented company, apply the rules of HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 for the best quality products in accordance with the International Food Standards. Not only guaranteed top product quality, we offer you also multi-level reliability, friendly business relations, accurate service and timely delivery. Key Export Products: Natural Raw Hazelnuts, Organic Hazelnuts, Roasted & Blanched Hazelnuts, Sultanas, Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, Fresh Chestnuts, Frozen Peeled Chestnuts, Pistachios, Chickpeas, Pine Nuts, Poppy Seeds, Other Nuts (Industrial, Conventional and Organic)




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secche, secchi, seches, seed, seedless, seeds, sezai, snacks, soyulmus, sultana, sultanas, sweet, tmo, toprak, trockenfrucht, turkey, turkish, type, ufk, ulusal, union, Aytac, SAMRIOGLU, SAMRIOGLU Hazelnuts, Dried Fruits Export, RIZA SAMRIOGLU, Kocaali, 54800, Sakarya,Turkey, 902128630174, 902128631719, 905438851538, [email protected], [email protected],,, ISO 9001:2000, NOP, HACCP, Welcome to SAMRIOGLU,, HAZELNUTS, DRIED FRUITS, CHESTNUTS EXPORT, TO THE WHOLE WORLD, Company founded, by, Sadettin SAMRIOGLU, in 1940, is one, of, old manufacturer, and, trader companies, that, specializes, in the Hazelnuts, SAMRIOGLU Family, has been, manufacturing, and exporting, Akcakoca quality, Natural, Hazelnuts, for three generation, SAMRIOGLU Co, is very active, in foreign trade, supply customers, all around the world, also with, Organic Hazelnuts, Dried Fruits, and, Chestnuts, Those are, the other products, we are, very specialized in, Our innovative approach, to business, working, with, serious, manufacturer, business partners, in their fielsd, and, presenting, unbeatable, advantages, to, Global Buyers, has, enabled, SAMRIOGLU, to become, highly respected, supplier name, in, Hazelnuts and Dried Fruits sector, We are, quality-oriented, company, apply the rules, HACCP and ISO 9001:2000, for the, best quality products, in accordance with, the International, Food Standards, Not only, guaranteed, top product quality, we offer, you, also, multi-level reliability, friendly business, relations, accurate service, and, timely delivery, Key Export Products, Natural Hazelnuts, Organic Hazelnuts, Roasted, Blanched Hazelnuts, Sultanas, Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, Fresh Chestnuts, Frozen Peeled Chestnuts, Sweet, Apricot Kernels, Pine Nuts, Chickpeas, Poppy Seeds, Sadettin SAMRIO%u011ELU, Hazelnuts Grower, Manufacturer, Trader, He, was, one of, first Hazelnut, manufacturers, in Turkey, Turkei, Türkiye, After, Graduating, from, Rü%u015Fdiye Mektebi, High School, he, started, his first business, as, associated dealer, of, TEKEL, Tobacco, in, a small, retail shop, in, the beginning, 1930's, He developed, his businesse and, become, Dry goods, and, Staple foods, wholesaler, in the following years, In the late, 1930's, he, also, started, hazelnuts trading, and, founded, his Hazelnut company, He, built, his, Hazelnut factory, in 1949, Mr. Sadettin SAMRIOGLU, sucessfully, ran, his company, in the very hard, and, weak periods, of, Turkish economy, He, had, always, encouraged, villagers, to plant, and, grow Hazelnuts, He, succeed, to be, leader manufacturer, and, trader, during, his active business life, He was biggest Hazelnuts manufacturer, in area, Akcakoca, Kocaali, Karasu, his, increasing, Hazelnuts purchases, year after year, have, resulted in, welfare, good, return, for, these, newly started growers, As a result, he, and, his business activities, had, played very important role, for, area's economy, and, promising future, He was, supplier, some, of, big, hazelnut exporters, in %u0130stanbul, In order to, meet, their continuous, demand, he bought, 2.nd, factory, in 1955, and, enlarged, Hazelnuts production, capacity, up to, Shelled hazelnuts, daily, He ended, his, business activities, in 1976, when, he, faced, health, problems, But, he had, always, kept his eye on, the family businesses, afterwards, Even now, Sadettin, SAMRIOGLU name, is, very well known, in Sakarya province, as well as, in hazelnut sector, He was, perfectionist, very attentive businessman, and %100 tradesman, His name, is, still, being recalled, with his, HONESTY, POLITENESS, GENTLEMANSHIP, and, ESTEEMED PERSONALITY, Sezai SAMRIO%u011ELU, Hazelnuts Manufacture, Trader, Exporter, SUCCESS STORY, of, SAMRIO%u011ELU FAMILY, After, finish primary, education, he started to work, as assistant mechanicer, in the factory, After several years, his Father, Mr, Sadettin Samr%u0131o%u011Flu, has bought, him, a minibus, and, he started, to, transportation, Soon, after, he comleteted, his, military duty, he started, to assist, his father, in the shop, and, started, his trade activities, In following years, he become, very successfull, business manager, and, took, whole responsibilities, of, operation, both, in supermarket, and, factory, He, has, succeed, to increase, the businesses, and had, a lots of acquisitions, built, a new factory, as well as, new large stores, He become, first associated dealer, MASSEY FERGUSON, ARCELIK, and, other well-known, trade marked, products, in SAKARYA PROVINCE, He continue his business, activities, in trasportation sector, owned, Trucks, and, Busses, had, joint venture, transportation, companies, operate, nationally, and, internationally, He enabled, to start, to export, in 1984, first time, in SAMRIO%u011ELU family, and, rebuilt, Hazelnut factory, in 1988, enlarged production, capacity, three times more, than, previous factory, Between 1970 and 1990, Mr. Sezai SAMRIOGLU, was, unique, MAJOR, HAZELNUT MANUFACTURER and TRADER, among, middle, and, small, size, hazelnut, manufacturers, in, western Blacksea area, As, a, largest Manufacturer, and, entrepreneur, Sezai SAMRIO%u011ELU, achieved, to become, MARKET LEADER, without rival, for a long time, in area, Sezai SAMRIO%u011ELU, also, managed to,receive, awards, BIGGEST, or, second biggest, TAX PAYER, 17 times, BIGGEST, EXPORTER, in, SAKARYA, in most active time, of his business life, Hazelnut factory, burned down, in 1997, and, restored, and, donated, by, Mr. Sezai SAMRIOGLU, with, the high tech. machinery and equipments, This, accident, was followed by, another, territorial, and, national disasters; devastating, big earth earthquake, in 1999, Economical, crisis, in 2001, Not only himself, but, whole industries ,also, were, affected, badly, in area, After that, he stopped, his, business operations, Aytaç SAMRIO%u011ELU, Hazelnuts and Dried Fruits Exporter, International Trader, Third generation, in hazelnut business, After graduation, from Public Administration, Marmara university, He become, founder member, of, SAMRIO%u011ELU TARIM A.%u015E., Hazelnut, manufacturer exporter, company, in origin; Sakarya, in 1988, He joined, to Army, in 1989, After duty, founded, his, Hazelnut importer, wholesaler company, SAM NUTS GmbH, in Munchen, Germany, in 1991, in the first period, of his business career, he, also, studied, product names, Origins, Types, Packages, Turkish Standards, USDA Standards, Raw Hazelnuts Akçakoca, Ordu , Giresun, Round, Jute bags, BIG BAG Organic Raw Hazelnuts Terme (Samsun) Round g KRAFT PAPER Bags BIG BAG Blanched Hazelnuts Ordu, Giresun, Round, Organic, KRAFT PAPER Bags, Jute bags (Inner nylon) vacuumed in carton boxes BIG BAG's, Roasted Hazelnuts Ordu, Giresun Round, diced, sliced, Organic KRAFT PAPER Bags, Jute bags (Inner nylon) vacuumed in carton boxes BIG BAG's Sultanas Raisins Manisa, Izmir Processed & Natural in net strong lux carton boxes Dried Apricots Malatya Whole Pitted, Natural, Market Prices, Turkish Hazelnuts, Nuts, , Organics, reach us, Customer Contact Centre, Export office, Sales Office, Aytaç Samr%u0131o%u011Flu, International Sales, Management, Managing Director, [email protected], Sadettin Samr%u0131o%u011Flu, Jr, Purchase & Production, Factory Manager, [email protected], Kutsal Andaç, Retail Sales, Shop Manager, [email protected], Taylan Demir, Customer Inquiries, Domestic, Bulk, Sales Sales, Manager, Istanbul Branch, B.Çekmece, Istanbul / TR, Corporate website,, Export, Foreign Trade Company, Brand sites,, Organic Nuts, Export Company, skype a.samrioglu, 90 212 863 01 74, 90 212 863 17 19, 90 543 885 15 38, SAMRIO%u011ELU on Facebook, SAMR SAMRIO%u011ELU on,, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce, No: 683,2 / 68, Kocaali,Sakarya Tax Court, No: 7420033987, Hazelnuts and Dried Fruits, Exporters Union Istanbul, LIZARD Bilisim, excellent, internet, solutions, Website, Hosting, design company,