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Sydney vs her fiance Mixed Wrestling Female Bodybuilder FBB Head

by Kellyka

Sydney Thunder at her muscular finest! Syd has taken time off from her law practice to spend time with her Fiance' as he works a temporary job in another state. They both are getting tired of the hotel, and the long hours he spends at work. Syd has been busy hitting the gym, as you can tell by her awesomely muscular body, but apparently she's been doing more than just the weights while at the gym. When her fiance' comes home from work and finds the shirt of another guy on the couch, he begins to question her about it. She decides enough is enough and finally explodes and lets forth all her rage on him. She's tired of being ignored, and she humiliates him both physically and verbally, informing him that she's been sleeping with hot muscular guys from the gym and that she no longer wants to marry and start a family with him. He frantically taps when she scissors him, only to have Syd continue to pour on the punishment. Devastating headscissors, humiliating ass wedges, agonizing chokes, and debilitating bodyscissors render him a broken mess by the end of this onslaught. The final ass wedge knockout is NOT one to miss!

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